Sesshu Foster

            Anchored in East Los Angeles, Sesshu’s upbeat poetry demonstrates the existence of verse within every day’s rhythm. His creativity is honed to the degree of consistent, dependable genius, published regularly as blog posts at He is the author of City Terrace Field Manual (Kaya/Muae), and two books released by City Lights: a novel, Atomik Aztex, and a work of poetry, World Ball Notebook.

            All of Sesshu’s works close the gaps between form and genre, poetry and prose, allowing the lyric voice to take lead. World Ball Notebook excels in its creation of astute truths through pure observation – the narrator’s desire at times aloof, succeeds to give the reader more light. Sesshu strings narratives together in a continuum of multi-dimensional perspectives. His subtle humor and wise curiosity allow the vernacular to run concurrent to classic verse, history, and philosophy. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to introduce to you, Sesshu Foster.

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