Karen Tei Yamashita

            It is a great privilege to present to you a true contemporary favorite, Karen Tei Yamashita. The Santa Cruz of Tofu, printed in the February 2012 issue, also appears with other short stories of hers at Karen’s larger works are published by Coffee House Press and include I HOTEL, Circle K Cycles, Tropic Of Orange, Through The Arc Of The Rain Forest, and Brazil-Maru. Her work has received numerous awards. In 1992 she won both the Janet Heidinger Kafka Award and the American Book Award for Through The Arc Of The Rain Forest. In 2010, I HOTEL was a National Book Award Finalist.

            The Santa Cruz of Tofu captures the heart of the cryptic town that entices so many with its adamant weirdness. Karen digs this up and delivers it to us in witty, poignant prose, and a voice that is equally crafty as it is sincere. Never before have I read this infamous nook of coastline so perfectly documented, playfully engaging with the essence of Santa Cruz’s many interpretations in a wonderful, lively fashion. With great honor I give you, Karen Tei Yamashita.

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