Juliana Leslie

Our December issue’s theme is The Philosophy of Objects, and our feature is Santa Cruz’s very own, Juliana Leslie.

photo by Blake Goodmacher

Juliana Leslie is the author of the book of poetry, More Radiant Signal. Juliana received her MFA in poetry from UMass Amherst. She taught the first creative writing course I took at UCSC in the winter of 2010. She is a recent National Poetry Series winner, and her awarded work will be published in the next year. Featured in this issue from that upcoming book is an excerpt from one of its poems, The Age of Parts. In this piece Juliana maintains a sense of inquiry through a balance between the macroscopic lens and momentary reflection of subtly elegant phenomena. Her arrangement of mind and body effectively map a voice that forage the poem’s periphery as well as its central ideas. She visits “parts” of a widening philosophical panorama by containing one of its roots in a clever, nearly hidden nook of space. Her work closes a gap between the metaphysical and the emotional self of the reader, allowing for a quiet observation of matter and substance.

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