June 2012

In The Poetry Loft on June 3, 2012 at 5:04 pm

                  Letter From the Editor:
Dear Readers,
      Sunday, June 3rd, marks our eighth issue released in The Poetry Loft! Today was remarkable — afternoon hours with Zachery Abramson conversing solely of poetry over coffee, shrimp tacos, and broadsides. His poems featured in this issue are selected from his recently completed manuscript, Each Shadow Has Color — to be printed and bound this week. In his humble approach to friendship, O’Hara-contexts, and coy observations, Zach’s beautiful language reads effortlessly. On the contrary, he rallies his strength in editing. Zach admitted to working on his five-part piece Landscapes every day for over a month.

photo by Tiffany Sun

      His impressive role as a poet is striking and so very respectable. His control over coordinates of words, symmetrical assonance, and breath marks ( ‘ ), give his poetry an experimental flare — his poems always fresh, always alive. In this California moment, we are lucky to have the dialectic of a poet like Zachery, living and documenting today.
The Poetry Loft

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